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Natural-Skincare-ProductsWhere it all started – Seaweed Products for Natural Skincare

Having grown up in the west of Ireland means that the Atlantic coastline holds a special place in my heart. Summer day trips to the beach meant getting a treat after our sand-encrusted picnic. We had a choice of a brown paper bag stuffed with periwinkles, the ‘eyes’ of which we would remove with a pin before teasing out the tasty morsels from their shells. The alternative was a similar brown paper bag, this time brimming over with the freshest, chewiest, saltiest dillisk seaweed or ‘seagrass’, as we used to call it. I loved them both, and can still taste the sea as I recall sitting on the prom with salty, sun-kissed skin, munching pure goodness from the wide open Atlantic ocean before me.



Seaweed ProductsNatural skincare Benefits

Skin, our largest organ, is ‘fed’ by what we apply to it. In this day and age, our skin needs all the help it can get.  Seaweed is packed with nutrients and minerals that can restore and maintain the health and beauty of the human body. It acts as an anti-oxidant, aids skin cell renewal, and is known to soothe irritation often associated with skin conditions.

It seems only natural then, for me to include seaweed in Little Red skincare.

All the seaweed used at Little Red comes from the west coast of Clare, my native county.  A life-giving, valuable resource, its benefits abound for everyone.


Awaken your inner mermaid, and dip into the wonders of seaweed…

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