May Chang Facecream, 30ml jar


Minimum 90% Organic Ingredients

The uplifting scent of may chang essential oil imbues this rich facecream…experience rejuvenation from its mixture of organic hemp, rosehip and jojoba oils.

This blend, along with organic orangeflower water, carrageen moss skin food, and unbleached beeswax is highly beneficial for oily or combination skins; but can equally be used for other skin types.


  • May Chang essential oil
  • Organic hemp, rosehip and Jojoba oils
  • Organic orangeflower water
  • Carrageen moss skin food
  • Unbleached beeswax


It is rich and instantly nourishing for tired, lacklustre skins. Day or night cream, it can clear your mind and also promote a restful sleep…


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