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 Little Red Seaweed Based Skincare.


Little Red makes seaweed based skincare, hand-crafting skin treatments in the Boggeragh mountains in County Cork using pure mountain spring water.

Using Mother Nature’s bounty .


At Little Red we are passionate about all things pure and health-giving, and believe in using Mother Nature’s bounty to heal our bodies from the outside as well as from within. Hence we use Atlantic Irish seaweed and the very best of organic ingredients to work their magic and nourish even the most sensitive of skins.

No testing on animals.


Cruelty-free: At Little Red we are absolutely opposed to animal testing. Our ethos encompasses utmost respect for our environment, and for all living beings that inhabit it. We are strong advocates of cruelty-free.

 Our Sustainability practices


At Little Red, we use only sustainable ingredients. Our packaging is, by and large, eco-friendly. We encourage re-use and recycling of our bottles and jars, with the lowest possible impact on our environment.