Lemon & Cedarwood Big Boy's Box Gift Set

Lemon & Cedarwood Big Boy's Box Gift Set


For the Big Boy(s) in your life! Fresh, citrusy aftershave (100ml), and zingy, rich hand cream (50g) – ‘cos man-skin needs TLC too.

Little Red old reliable Handcream has been our hero product ever since it was launched – its citrusy rich composition appealing to guys & girls alike. Hand-crafted with organic cocoa butter, extra virgin olive oil, unbleached beeswax, organic lavender water, mountain spring water, seaweed, & essential oils of may chang, lavender & myrrh, it’s loaded with ingredients good enough to eat! So whether you’ve been chopping logs or pruning roses, this baby will whip your mitts into soft, supple shape in no time. Apply sparingly, as this is a super-rich formulation.

Zesty and refreshing aftershave, for those with a lust for life! With mountain spring water, carrageen moss, organic orange-flower water, just a dab of alcohol, and uplifting essential oils, this is the perfect aftershave treatment for all skin types, but especially sensitive ones. Apply a small amount to the palms of the hands, then pat all over the shaved area as a soothing, nourishing balm. Rejuvenate that rugged jaw-line with a little Touch of the Wild Atlantic…

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